Happy New Year friends!

Press play and continue to read….

Maybe I’ll have a format, maybe I won’t. I’m trying something new. I hope you enjoy. I would LOVE it if you responded here instead of Facebook. The page is basically what I would have posted all day.

New Year commentary: I can’t remember what the fuck I did last year. My husband can’t either. We are exciting people.

This year as I rode the elevator down to the car from a small gathering I read a thing that stated “2017 is the beginning of a new chapter”. I thought AWESOME! Took the wheel of the car and got in a fight with my husband. The kind where it takes a few seconds to want to kill each other without a lot of yelling. Great start to this year’s book.

flubMARIAH: No matter how bad my night went I think hers went worse. I’m not going to embed a video bc it’s so fucking painful to watch. We saw it live. I admit it gave me a sense of satisfaction because she seems like a bitch. Not the fun kind, like the delusional one that deserves a dose of reality. I DJ weddings for a “living”. I’ve had numerous sound issues, but never, have I fucked up so badly. She’s getting paid millions to do this. I get a few grand if I’m luck and someone’s entire memory depends on me holding it together. Something that an uber talented millionaire couldn’t do. The least she could do was tell them shut the music off and sing acapella. Gloria Estefan sang live, and I don’t like her that much.

What in the Fuck’sville: I’ve never played Candy Crush. Sorry if you do. We all have our mindless vices. But I came across this commercial from Candy Crush and I had to confirm that it was in fact NOT Bjork. I then came across an article talking about the ad. What is insulting about the article is that some fucking artist really thinks that someone would buy her shitty ass cover of the QUEEN Bjork! Sorry, but some shit doesn’t need a cover. You won’t make it better.


I refuse to link a commercial to my blog unless it’s exceptional. OMG speaking of mannequin challenge, if you do it, you’re a fucking loser. Stop following trends, sheep ass motherfuckers.

So here’s the exceptional Bjork: enjoy this original.

Meme of the Day: Some say “Get it Girl” others say “PR”. I say have some dignity you Kardashian-acting cunts.


Politics: I have no comment as everything is currently speculation and NOTHING HAS FUCKING HAPPENED YET. IMO the Repubs are setting the president elect up for impeachment so the “fag and woman hating” Pence can do their bidding. (I swear to fucking god if someone gets mad at me for writing “fag” then you really don’t fucking know what you’re getting into). In the meantime the Trump voters are holding on to whatever straws they have left. We’ll see. I hope I’m wrong.


Before I go I have to just fucking mention Jenny McCarthy. She is what happens when you grasp too strongly to youth and put too much shit in your face. Hilariously, someone who fucking hates me showed up at an event I was required to be at looking just as horrible. It was so cathartic. I pray who did it to her is who I think it was. Sounds a little vaguebook. I assure you if enough people follow my blog, you’ll get much more dirt out of me in writing than on FB posts.





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