I Still Think Mariah’s NY’s Was Worse Than Mine (so far)


Or you were fucking stoned. Come on.

Media : I’m sure you’re smart enough to know we are totally manipulated by the media. This isn’t a paranoid thing, this is a social construct thing. You are constructed by what you confront in your daily lives. These ideas, images, philosophies, stimuli create who you are. So I’ve been watching this on-air channel called, uh, shit, Escape (60.3 in Chicago). It’s all murders and Forensic Files shit. I am totally fascinated by it and can’t explain why. I’ve noticed that the commercials are all for drug addiction and getting into rehab. 2 points.

  1. The targeted demographic for people watching a channel on murders are drug addicts.
  2. There is this catch phrase for one of the commercials that defeats the very purpose of beating drug addiction and triggering cravings. They’re motto is “MAKE THE CALL”.
    1. ANYONE who has been to an afters, whether they have done drugs or not knows meaning of this line. And it certainly isn’t a call to get into rehab.

Binge watching on Saturday afternoons: If you have cable, and TV land you are missing out if you are not binge watching on Roseanne and, get this, Golden Girls. Hear me out. The writing is fucking fantastic in the early seasons. I always thought I was a bigger fan of Roseanne but I have to say, now as an adult, I get those jokes on Golden Girls and the writing and acting is so fucking quick witted and the burns are Martin and Pam worthy. Old ladies can be hilarious if they are ripping each other apart constantly. The timing these old broads have slaps the fuck out of all those shitty shows on ABC lately. They all this same banter, and you can tell that every show has the same writers. (I’m a TV addict, get over it)

Person of the day that I hate: Ariana Grande  I know this old news that this skank spit on food in a public place but I cannot for the life of me understand how she continues to have a career. Her voice is so fucking nasal and fake. I hate it. She just got signed on to be on some video game, Doom I think. This bitch fucking spit on you plebeian’s food!


Politics:  So they’ve removed the Ethics Watchdog.

“Specifically, the amendment would place the OCE under the “oversight” of the lenient Ethics Committee and rename it the Office of Congressional Complaint Review. The new group would no longer be able to release information to the public, employ anyone “for a position involving communications with the public,” or directly contact law enforcement without approval. It would also be prohibited from investigating anonymous complaints.”

I bet you didn’t know I got my Masters in……..ETHICS! Leave it to me to study the one thing that no one gives a shit about. Plato stated it best “Who will police the police”. Without that, we don’t have much. Impartiality is difficult to come by and should be of the utmost importance of investigation. That being said, it’s possible that there will be better watchdogs now, because the public will know no one is looking out for them, BUT THEM. Social media is our new police.


Now let’s all have a laugh at this asshole: 


The funniest part of this to me is that he is seriously proud to state that the dude is from the Deliverance. “Squeal like a pig” is the most famous quote from the movie. Fitting.


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