Most importantly, Jennifer Boyle forgives YOU

(and I am so fucking glad her greasy ass skin looked like shit, she looks like a fucking clown with that make up palette)

Old girl just did an interview with Channel 5.

You best believe I watched that shit. First thing’s first. Girl, you are fooling NOBODY with that blonde hair. What color are you going to dye it now that you’ve gotten a few grand from NBC for an interview? You’re gonna have to use that cash to pay that lawyer you were looking at the whole time.

I think my favorite part of the interview is the end, because she is so delusional and not apologetic that it doesn’t even matter to watch it. It’s everyone else’s fault, she’s not sorry, we don’t understand her, this isn’t a pattern, she doesn’t have anger issues, basically white female privilege. Sorry fellow trixies, it’s a fact. No one looks at me twice when I walk into an expensive store (shit even Target) until I wear large hoop earrings and bright red lipstick or with my niece of a non-aryan race.

In the last snippet, the interviewer asks Ms. Boyle if she has anything to say to the people at Michaels and Pete’s. She fucking forgives you assholes. What a fucking cunt!

Apparently she was offended for being allegedly called a “basic white bitch” and this is exactly what one is. An entitled POS walking around starting shit with people then saying she should learn to “walk away”. What in the fuck are you walking away from if trouble isn’t following you around from the get go? You are the trouble. But Jennifer Boyle forgives you of your Trespasses.


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