I’m Immature, Guys.

My last blog post got hella hits. I’m starting to figure this shit out. I expect this article to get maybe 5. That’s fine. I know how to get 500 hits now and will see what I can do to provoke more. Why? I’m not sure yet.

So yeah, my last blog post. The best part about it was that someone (whom I think knows me personally, that’s fine) made up an alias to tell me I was nasty for being bitchy. The irony of it was that they created a passive aggressive named alias to adress me entitled, “GrowupAlready”. There’s so much irony in all of it that the take away is this page is for assholes. I’m an asshole, I point out assholes, and you’re an asshole for being interested. Get over it. And you know who else is an asshole? A cowardly little bitch who has to hide behind a new profile to talk shit. 

Media: We need more of this shit. Bravo Ellen! If more people banned asshole behavior there’d be less resisual shit floating around.Ellen banning gay bashing hag

Speaking of banning. Hey Coachella fucks! Yeah you, at the Bernie Sanders rallies, protesting whatever you can but really doing nothing but posting complaints. PROTEST THIS SHIT: Anschutz has donated some of his considerable wealth to anti-LGBT groups . Your hipster fest is owned by a hate monger. I admit, I’m filled with hate, but I assure you it’s very equal opportunity as I hate everyone and everything equally.

In other news…Search still out for Video

We all know I love to troll. Someone has inspired me and I hope to create as wonderful a character one day. I HATE ME FOR NOT THINKING OF THIS Brilliance!


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A few people think I'm funny.

4 thoughts on “I’m Immature, Guys.”

  1. Instead of FUBU I an rebranding and naming this FUBA. For Us By Assholes. 😂 I am in like with your posts and blogs. But the fact that someone took the time to create a fake profile to address you about how you make them feel (like a little bitch) says so much about what you are doing. And that is that you have fans in a wide variety. Keep it up.


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