There May Be Hope. Trump was a Party Person

An article surfaced with Trump partying in Ibiza in the late 80’s. My only qualm is although he looks like he’s having fun, he doesn’t look too sweaty….if you know what I mean. So maybe he might be a little more open minded than we give him credit for but he still seems like more if a voyeur than a participator. I’m kind of calling him a pussy, but that would mean being or going straightedge isn’t cool… and we all know Mike (Jason Segal) was a fucking badass in SLC Punk. 

I’m really trying to see the bright side of the presidency. 
Current idiocy: These idiots are goint to ride public trans in their chones Let me tell you a little story that happened to me called “Bum Butt”. Several moons ago (how fucking hilarious that I fit moons in. I’m brilliant!). I was riding the bus on a rainy day. I sat in an empty seat on the crowded bus. It was wet. I went to work and within hrs developed a rash. The moral of the story. These artsy fucktards better stand. 

Speaking of sucios. Check out this sucia! Nothing like being sexy when you’re really just a pig. Imagine what other parts are sucias. Spicy.

*btw I am not latin in any way, but bc of whatever experiences I have had growing up, I think in Spanish often. Can’t explain it. I grew up Polish

Idiots in my life: I continue to see people I know taking photos, posting, and typing while driving. I hope at least one of you read this and know what a peice of selfish shit you are but unfriending you would cause so much drama and discomfort in our social circles that all I can do is secretly hate you and hope you maim yourself by your own vanity andstupidtdy one day. 

This puppy is doing life better than you.


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