Just Own It


I’m not going to bullshit, I believe at least 99% of us over 35 have made the “retard gesture” at some point in our lives. Most of us, during our childhoods. Don’t even fucking lie. None of us were that sensitive or PC in the 80’s and I can specifically remember myself doing it and seeing numerous other kids doing it. Am I proud? Absolutely not! I still have trouble deleting the word “retard” from my vocabulary and I have family members with disabilities. My point is, we’ve (35 and older) all done this gesture and are ashamed of it and that is why it is so appalling that the guy that is about to serve as our president denies what he did. All he’s doing is back-pedaling. It’s really weird.

See for yourself Here’s the video. It’s uncomfortable and if it doesn’t make you feel like shit then, you’re either a supreme asshole or in complete denial and really just full of shit, thus leading you back to being a supreme asshole. It’s wrong, it’s embarrassing and the coward should just own it and say “you know what guys, I was a fucking asshole and wrong”. But he just. Cant.

I don’t even give a fuck that he talked shit back to Meryl Streep. We’ve already accepted that he’s that petty. But it’s the chain of lies. That fucking ghoul Conway is on CNN straight up lying, deflecting and denying what we can all see with our very own eyes. You know what really pisses me off, it that squinty-eyed bitch Melania isn’t doing shit to check her husband. I’m sorry, I’d kick my husband’s ass for doing all this tweeting and making fun of people.ShitRepublican National Convention: Day One

I can’t. Even. So, in response This teacher used apples to demonstrate the effects of bullying. I think this example hit so hard to the “core”. I admit I bully, I don’t give a fuck, but I’m not the fucking president of the United States.

Media: Speaking of assholes, I’m glad someone is finally calling out that asshole Jimmy Fallon. What a fucking kiss ass. The show is only good bc the Roots are on there. Fallon is just another corporate kiss ass and boring…as seen on the Golden Globes last night. I think they did that just to somehow make Mariah look better. TV is weird like that and they hang each other out of spite and for ratings.


In lighter news, never forget. President Bush always delivers.

Music: If you live in Chicago or are visiting, and like Drum and Bass Check this place out on Tuesdays.

Weird Shit: If you think I’m going to stop you’re wrong! If you’re pushing earwax in your ear you’re fucking doing it wrong and deserve it for failing the Darwin test of not failing at life.



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One thought on “Just Own It”

  1. I had just watched a video arguing against Trump mocking the reporters disability (by a group called Catholics for Trump none the less) when I read your piece. They. Laim that Trump also did a similar gesture when talking about Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and another politician. Still doesn’t excuse his ignorance. They also pointed out that Trump was mocking the reports of Arbs celebrating the 9-11 attacks in Jersey then retracting their statements.
    He called Mexicans rapists. Enough said.

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