This Week in Memes

It’s been a tough week. Regardless of what side you’re on. So I’ve decided to do what I do best. Talk about my feelings. Through memes.

Watching the Inauguration was kind of boring. GW though, never fails to deliver.

Melania’s body language was hard to ignore. I’ve now started following this brilliant account. We have 4 years. I’m sure it can only get better. Feminist Melania’s Twitter

People are really pissed about that FB post bitch Cindy or Cathy or whomever she is (I call her #Becky….bc that is who she is, isn’t she) and how she’s proud not to march and how ungrateful the marchers are and what about Guatemala and the Congo, blah blah cackle cackle. To her I say: 

Shes doesn’t get it and I’m not going to bore you with why she sucks other than: women march and protest so she could have the freedom to bitch about it. I didn’t march, but still support the ladies that do. Putting them down in some treatise and being proud of it makes you look like this: 

I mean come on. 

So I laugh.

And stick to my convictions.

Know how I still feel.

And just take it one day at a time.


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