Mean Girls Gone Wild

Just when we thought nothing could top Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer…..


 Rosie posts this…..


Rosie has taken internet trolling to a whole other level. And if I am looking at this photograph correctly, that looks like is actually her hair. Rosie? Did you cut your hair for this part. Because if so, I BOW to the QUEEN of all trolls. And yes, I say it like it’s a good thing. If you haven’t internet trolled, then you’re doing the internet wrong.

There are talks that Trump is more upset that Spicer was depicted by a woman more so than the jokes themselves. I find this believable. I don’t even think Bannon will care so much. But Trump is going to hate this shit. So let’s get back to how bad-ass women are lately. We are attacking on all fronts.

The Women’s March.womens-march-feature

Elizabeth Warren 2012 Massachusetts Democratic Endorsing Convention

#Grabyourwallet Info regarding Grab Your Wallet here.

But my most favorite, is the trolling. giphy

How do I stay a feminist, demanding equal rights and say this….the sexes are still very different. Equality does not mean you have to be the same person, it just means your VALUE as a person is the same. So let me get this out.


Mean Girls is a movie for a reason. Girls are fucking MEAN. We do not play. Men will kick each other’s ass, have pissing contests, but most of the time, one will be declared a winner and they’ll share a proverbial beer. Women, when we get mad, we get personal. And we don’t forget. And we’ll dig till you declare us winner and sometimes, that’s not enough. Once again Forbes agrees with me and provides some evidence in this article.


Estrogen. It’s a hell of a drug. You know, that whole “mama lion” term comes from somewhere. It’s because women lions are fucking vicious, they’re the ones that get the food and will take you down to the death. Trump has pissed off so many women and I think we have finally hit him where he hurts the most. His ego. He cannot buy love. This guy clearly has a inferiority complex, just look at the shapes and concepts of his buildings….and actions. He is a very insecure, lonely man and these comedians are pouncing on him publically. Notice how quiet he is suddenly. He’s never been bullied by women like this and he doesn’t know what to do. The emotional abuse is going to kill him.


I once got in a fight with a Mobster. Yes, like a real one. He’s currently in jail and in the papers. (I’m so edgy). I didn’t know it at the time!  He was a landlord of mine and he kept our deposit. As I was yelling at him, I called him “chicken-legged”. Something inside me knew it would hurt him. The look on his face looked like I had clocked him. It was great and worth the $750. My point is, words hit harder than fists. That’s why bullying is such a big deal these days.


Best of luck to him (not really). He’s going to fucking need it. Anyone wanna take bets over who’s going to have a nervous breakdown first? Trump or Spicer?

Just in….Christine Baranski 

is offering to play Betsy DeVose 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I can’t.


Grab ‘Em By the Pocket!

Apparently another march is being organized entitled a “A Day Without Women”. Its premise is to skip work and show how important we are. I think this is a horrible idea as a mother of a child who was in the NICU, PLEASE DO NOT ABANDON YOUR POSTS! Do not punish everyone for a minority, that’s not what we’re about. Teachers! Doctors! Lawyers! Day Care! LIQUOR STORE OWNERS! We need you.

And assuming many women can’t afford to split from work for a day. It is too much to ask for in these judgemental times. Huff Post link to article regarding March.

What I think is hell of a great idea is a Day Without Women Spending  a GOD-DAMNED DIME!

Most women have all the power in their households. Sorry if that offends you. If you have been reading my blog then you have seen a trend of me stating over and over that all power is in the mighty dollar. (Ignore spiritual shit, that shit isn’t going to get us Equal rights and access to safe Healthcare.) We are the ones that spend the money, whether we work or not.

I’m sure there is a percentage of you that have SAHD and the moms go to work (I’d assume most of those families are libs anyway and would be for women’s rights anyway so you’re included in this power). But in general. Women do most of the spending. Don’t believe me?

Forbes agrees with me.  I highly encourage you to read this article and remind yourself of how powerful you really are. I’ll go over it quick for you:

  • “Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing”
  • Multiplier effect – we not only purchase for ourselves but are usually purchasing for others.
  • Gender “is the most powerful determinant of how we see the world and everything in it”
  • Doesn’t matter who makes the money, what matters is who’s spending it. TAKE NOTE.
  • Women also make up a huge portion of the labor force.
  • Women are taking control of their reproductive rights, thus in turn, gives us power to spend money elsewhere.
  • Women around the world are more similar than different
  • Women tend to have higher service expectations with regard to customer service.

Everything is run by money. I constantly emphasize being a smart consumer, research your product. Research who you are purchasing from. Btw here is link to all Trump affiliated brands that I mentioned in a previous post.

No one is perfect and we can’t “boycott” everything. But by doing your research, buying smarter, money will be passed around to the right pots. Trends will be noted. Do you know what Analytics is? Ever wonder why when you go on Amazon and look for an item, you suddenly see ads for that item all over favorite sites? Companies invest a lot of their resources in studying what you want. So if you are smart about you want, you can drive the market.
Sounds complicated because it takes work. Happy fulfilled lives take effort. You will feel good about what you are doing, have better products, and change the world.

Remember, princess Melania could give two shits, she’s already wasting tons of taxpayer money on top of her stay in NY. She already refuses to do her job, but she’s not gonna get “fired”. As a result of Melania’s laziness and not-give-a-fuckedness, tours of the White House have been suspended.

I’m going to try to go back to being funny again. It’s been tough. Thank god for Melissa McCarthy and Spicer and SNL.